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Air India removes these routes from its domestic flight network

The routes that Air India has now dropped from its domestic service

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Air India, which is owned by Tata, is working to transform its business model. The airline has altered many aspects of its business practises as a result of this transition, including expanding its domestic flight network. According to a report by Business Standard, Air India has also eliminated some of the unprofitable routes from its domestic airline network as part of this shift. The action represents a significant improvement to the airline’s business. In the meantime, the airline’s footprint on metro-to-metro flights is increasing.

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The routes that Air India has now dropped from its domestic service have an impact on several Indian states. According to a report, the routes that have been eliminated are Delhi-Ranchi, Delhi-Raipur, Delhi-Nagpur, Aizawl-Imphal, Bhopal-Pune, Kolkata-Dibrugarh, Kolkata-Dimapur, and Kolkata-Jaipur.

In many of these industries, Air India struggled with low demand, and in others, it was unable to earn a profit due to severe competition. According to the report, which relies on Cirium’s data, Air India ran 14 weekly flights in June that competed with IndiGo’s 58 and Go First’s 14 on the Delhi-Nagpur route. Similar circumstances held true for the route between Delhi and Raipur, where Air India ran 14 flights each week as opposed to 62 for IndiGo and 28 for Vistara.


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According to an Air India representative, the carrier gains from metro flights because it is easier to fill the premium cabins in these sectors. Under its new CEO, Campbell Wilson, several routes have witnessed an increase in frequency, including Delhi-Amritsar, Delhi-Ahmedabad, Delhi-Lucknow, Delhi-Pune, and Kolkata-Guwahati. The airline is also seeking to increase its international route network. The Indian airline has resumed service on many of its routes to Europe and multiple cities in the USA.