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6 Travel tips and ways to avoid fatigue during long-haul flights

Travel tips and ways to avoid fatigue during long-haul flights

The stress of travel not only affects you physically, it can also decrease your performance. By moving gently, you can prevent your tiredness from reaching the point of becoming bone-deep tired. The greatest method to make sure you keep enjoying every area you go is to do this. In extended trips, it is especially crucial. Any person who has been on the road for months should think about where they would like to live and then move there! Find the places and nations that are most accommodating to visitors in need of a break by using in-depth cost-of-living advice for international travelers. Follow these 6 tips to minimize travel fatigue and maximize productivity.

1. Wear comfortable clothes 

You will spend a lot of time on the plane if you are traveling a long distance. There is no need to cover your body in layers of clothing, nor should you wear clothing that is too tight or sticks to your body, causing you to sweat or experience pain from the garment’s pressure on your skin’s surface. Pick comfortable and loose cotton clothing, as well as shoes that are easy to slip off while traveling so you may extend your feet.

2. Hydrate with lots of water

A minimum of one bottle of water should be consumed each morning and afternoon. Because the air inside aeroplanes tends to be dry, drink water if you’re taking a lengthy flight. Drink alcohol sparingly if you plan to do so. In addition to contributing to dehydration, alcohol also relaxes muscles in modest doses and acts as a stimulant if consumed in excess.

3.Be aware of your sugar intake

Fatigue can result from eating too much sugar. Sugary foods and drinks, such as sweetened coffee and baked pastries, might give you a small energy boost but a big fall later. Many processed foods are high in sugar. Simply because processed meals are more readily available than fresh foods, travellers prefer to consume more of them while travelling. The complex carbohydrates your brain needs to function come from foods like whole grains and starchy vegetables. whereas the nutritional value of simple carbohydrates is quite low.

4.Take advantage of your time

If you’re going to be on the plane for a long time, rather than focusing on being bored and exhausted from the lengthy flight, or following the movement of the plane and your feelings of tension and worry, bring enough books, magazines, games, and movies to keep yourself entertained.

6 Travel tips and ways to avoid fatigue during long-haul flights

Courtesy : Singapore airlines Busines class

5. Sleep to overcome fatigue 

During your lengthy trip, you must take a break. Before you go, stay away from coffee and soft beverages. Drinks that will assist you relax and fall asleep should be consumed while you’re on board. Second, spend money on a sleep mask, a neck pillow, and earplugs. Then relax in your seat and be ready for a deep sleep.

6.Do simple exercises

Running is not what we mean, but you can workout while seated. Even though it may seem like there is nowhere to move, you’ll be amazed to learn that frequent, tiny movements promote blood circulation, stretching muscles and joints.

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Pilot Faces Backlash for Working with Two Airlines Simultaneously

A significant controversy has erupted at Malta’s new state-funded air carrier, KM Malta Airlines, following the revelation that one of its pilots was secretly working simultaneously for another airline.

The incident involved First Officer Danica Theuma, who was found to be flying Virgin Atlantic planes in the UK while also employed by KM Malta Airlines. The incident came to light last month when Theuma, who was supposed to be observing obligatory rest periods as per her KM Malta Airlines schedule, was seen flying Virgin Atlantic planes out of Heathrow Airport in London.

A colleague who spotted her in the UK reported the incident to her manager. As a result, Virgin Atlantic’s management swiftly terminated Theuma’s employment upon discovering her double duty.

Theuma’s actions not only represented a severe breach of contract but also violated international safety regulations.

These rules strictly govern duty times and rest periods to ensure the safety of both passengers and crew. Despite these serious infractions, KM Malta Airlines has chosen to allow Theuma to continue flying for the airline.

Initially, KM Malta Airlines suspended Theuma after being informed of her conduct. However, the airline decided to reinstate her shortly after, a decision that has caused significant unrest among her colleagues. The airline’s employees are demanding that Theuma be held accountable for her actions and punished for disregarding safety rules.

The situation has sparked a heated debate within KM Malta Airlines, with many pilots expressing their dissatisfaction with the management’s decision to retain Theuma. They argue that her breach of safety protocols and contract should result in stricter disciplinary action to uphold the integrity and safety standards of the airline.

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IndiGo Partners with Private Firm to enhance its Cadet Pilot Program

IndiGo Partners with Private Firm to enhance its Cadet Pilot Program

IndiGo, India’s preferred carrier, has announced a strategic partnership with Garuda Aviation Academy to bolster its Cadet Pilot Program.

This initiative aims to train fresh pilots to become future junior first officers for the airline. This collaboration marks the eighth partnership IndiGo has established for its cadet pilot program over the past 13 years.

The comprehensive 21-month course is designed to equip aspiring pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge. The training program begins with a three-month ground school at Garuda Aviation Academy’s training center in Gurugram.

Aims to train fresh pilots as future junior first officers

This is followed by a 12-month intensive training session at 43 Air School in South Africa, renowned for its exceptional track record of training over 6,000 ab-initio pilots.

IndiGo has successfully inducted over 1,000 pilots through these rigorous training programs in the last 13 years. These programs encompass the entire spectrum of pilot training, from cadet selection to obtaining a commercial pilot license and A320 type rating, culminating in their induction into the airline as pilots.

Captain Ashim Mittra, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations at IndiGo, expressed his pride in the new partnership with Garuda Aviation Academy. He emphasized that the 21-month course is expected to cultivate the next generation of skilled pilots who will uphold IndiGo’s commitment to safe, affordable, and hassle-free travel.

Aligns with the Government of India’s UDAN mission

This initiative is in line with the Government of India’s UDAN (“Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik”) mission, aimed at enhancing connectivity to smaller and medium-sized towns and cities across the country.

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IndiGo Flight Tickets Now Bookable Through WhatsApp

IndiGo Flight Tickets Now Bookable Through WhatsApp

IndiGo, India’s preferred airline, has introduced an innovative AI conversational booking assistant named 6Eskai on WhatsApp, marking a significant step in enhancing customer experience.

This new feature aims to provide seamless travel solutions directly through WhatsApp, offering convenience right at the travelers‘ fingertips.

IndiGo launches AI conversational booking assistant

6Eskai is built on a generative AI assistant platform developed by Riafy, a Google partner. With this technology, customers can now book tickets, check-in, generate boarding passes, check flight statuses, and ask queries all via WhatsApp.

The service is capable of handling both text and voice messages in English, Hindi, and Tamil languages initially. To use this service, customers can simply initiate a WhatsApp text to +91 7065145858.

The AI assistant leverages Google Cloud’s Large Language Models to support this service. Through extensive prompt engineering, it offers conversational interactions, responds to emotions, and even adds humor to its responses, ensuring a more engaging customer experience.

6Eskai has 1.7 trillion parameters

This extension on WhatsApp is expected to significantly enhance the hassle-free travel booking services available through IndiGo’s digital channels. 6Eskai is a highly advanced AI with 1.7 trillion parameters, enabling it to answer a wide range of common questions effortlessly.

Its capabilities include booking tickets, applying promotional discounts, booking add-ons, performing web check-ins, assisting in seat selection, planning trips, answering FAQs, and connecting customers with an agent.

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