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The 2021 Crystal Cabin Award winners – The Future of Air Travel

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The 2021 Crystal Cabin Award winners – The Future of Air Travel: The Aircraft Interiors Expo (also AIX for short ) is an annual three-day trade fair for aircraft cabin interiors at the Hamburg Exhibition Center, it was held virtually on 30 March 2021. It is part of the Passenger Experience Week, during which other trade fairs and conferences on the subject of passenger transport are held.

  • Crystal Cabin Award Winner
  • Lightweight Materials to Aid Sustainability Targets
  • T1-series Seating from Toyota Boshoku
  • The maverick project, A touchless future aviation

The 2021 Crystal Cabin Award Winners:

  • Cabin Concepts award won by ‘Alice‘, the first completely electric commuter jet, Built by Israeli company Eviation Aircraft. Cabin concept was designed by Almadesign.

The 2021 Crystal Cabin Award winners - The Future of Air Travel




  • Material & Components winner is panel based on In-Mold Electronics (IME) from e2ip technologies in association with National Research Council of Canada. It functions positioning of the aircraft seat.


  • Greener Cabin, Health, Safety, and Environment winner is Diehl Aviation with its Greywater Reuse Unit. Taking the handwash water (greywater) from the sink and reusing to flush the toilet instead of potable water. It will help to reduce weight and CO2.


  • Passenger Comfort winner is Safran Seats with its Modulair S economy seat concept.


  • Cabin Systems winner is SOPHY smart trolley system from Safran Cabin. This tiny module can be installed into existing catering trolleys and provides the operator with information on the entire journey of the equipment, from maintenance and cleaning needs.


  • In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity winner is the SAFRAN Passenger Solutions department with RAVE Bluetooth.


  • University: The winner in 2020 is University of Cincinnati. Their Coffee House Cabin concept would place a long work table down the center of the plane to allow for productive workgroups. The idea was developed with The Boeing Company and The Live Well Collaborative.

Lightweight Materials to Aid Sustainability Targets:

The Recaro SL3710 Seating delivers an 8 kg seat that requires 50% less maintenance made up of lightweight materials and recycled leather covers, plus optimized components.



The Ultra Slim concept by Cecence has collaborated with Doy Design to utilize bio-resin in a compression molding process to develop a seat weighing just over 7 kg. The team states the Ultra Slim concept can reduce the overall cabin weight of a short-haul A320 by over 500kg compared to existing lightweight seats on the market.

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T1-series Seating from Toyota Boshoku:

T1 Series from Toyota Boshoku deliver to create a high-quality time and space in aircraft seating. Toyota Boshoku transfers its automotive knowledge to aircraft seating.

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The maverick project, A Touchless future aviation:

Rosen Aviation has announced new sensor and control products to their future product offerings. This signals a new wave of cutting-edge technologies that will reshape the passenger experience across all markets.

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