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Emirates Boeing 777 and A380, joined by UAE carriers usher in the opening of Dubai Airshow

Emirates Boeing 777 and A380, joined by UAE carriers usher in the opening of Dubai Airshow

Emirates Boeing 777 and A380, joined by UAE carriers usher in the opening of Dubai Airshow, and mark 50 years of unity with magnificent fly past

Dubai, U.A.E., 14 November 2021: The Emirates Boeing 777 and A380, joined by aircraft from UAE carriers Etihad, flydubai and Air Arabia soared through the skies in a spectacular flypast this afternoon, kicking off the 2021 edition of the Dubai Airshow. Spectators and avid aviation enthusiasts were in for a treat as all of the aircraft were joined by seven of the UAE’s air display team, Al Fursan, set in an arrow formation, with their signature smoke trails in the colours of the UAE: red, black and green.

Together, the flypast was a large and colourful start to the Dubai Airshow flying display programme, and celebrated the UAE’s advancements and leadership in civil aviation and aerospace.

The Emirates B777-300ER display aircraft was emblazoned with the bespoke ‘United Arab Emirates 50′ livery, embodying the Golden jubilee of Emirates’ home and hub, the UAE. The Emirates A380 featured the head-turning Expo 2020 Dubai livery with the special ‘Dubai Expo’ and ‘Be Part of the Magic’ messages running across both sides of the fuselage.

The special fly-past started with an Etihad 787 which flew at an altitude of just 700 feet, and accompanied by Al Fursan’s air display team. It was trailed by an Emirates Boeing 777, hovering above the crowds at just over 900 feet, followed by an A380 at 1,100 feet, an Air Arabia A320 at 1,300 feet, and a flydubai Boeing 737 at 1,500 feet, marking the start of the Dubai airshow. The vertical separation altitudes between all of the aircraft was 200ft.


The commercial and air display formation was then trailed by a military formation, and all aircraft flew past the Dubai World Centre (DWC) runway.

The Emirates aircraft were operated by a number of seasoned Captains and First Officers at the airline. Leading the Boeing 777-300ER was Captain Ahmad Bin Huzaim, Captain Michael Schreiber, and Captain Dave Kilian. Commanding the A380 was Captain Mubarak Al Mheiri supported by Captain Christopher Gauci and Captain Alistair Reid.

The aerial display, flawlessly manoeuvred, involved months of thorough planning and robust collaboration between multiple stakeholders including numerous teams at Emirates as well as the other UAE carriers, the UAE Ministry of Defence, UAE Military, Emirates pilots, Flight Operation Managers and Air Traffic Controllers working together with the Dubai Airshow Flying Control Committee and both aviation authorities (DCAA and GCAA). The teams worked together across every element of the aerial display, taking into account air traffic patterns at different times of the day, areas over flown, in addition to weather and wind conditions.






Lunar and SAS partner to launch Scandinavia’s first debit card with EuroBonus points

Lunar and SAS partner to launch Scandinavia's first debit card with EuroBonus points

SAS and Lunar, two Scandinavian corporations, have forged a new alliance. Today, they are introducing the first debit card in Scandinavia that lets you earn EuroBonus points.

Users earn EuroBonus points on everyday purchases

On everyday transactions made without using credit, such as grocery store trips, morning coffee, and summertime activities. In this new collaboration, two recognisable Scandinavian businesses combine digital innovation with a strong Scandinavian tradition.

Scandinavians now have access to the first debit card in the country, where users can earn EuroBonus points on everyday purchases, thanks to the combination of Lunar’s cutting-edge and user-friendly banking app and SAS’ well-liked EuroBonus programme.

The new debit card is available to all EuroBonus members as well as Lunar users in Scandinavia. If you are not a EuroBonus member you can easily sign up via to unlock a world of benefits and gain access to everything from SAS flights to hotel stays, upgrades and different quality products in the SAS EuroBonus shop. If you are not a Lunar user, you can sign up within minutes through the Lunar app – perhaps while waiting to board your next flight.


New Lunar users receive up to 6,000 welcome points.

The debit card is available both as a physical and a digital card, allowing users to use it whenever and wherever it suits them best. For every 100 DKK spent on the debit card, users earn 8 EuroBonus points. New Lunar users receive 3,000 welcome points, and the first 10,000 users get 6,000 points.

The card can be ordered via Lunar’s banking app from June 18, 2024.

About Lunar

Lunar is a digital challenger bank that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to manage their finances by building the best Nordic everyday bank. Founded in Aarhus, Lunar today employs 450 people across the Nordics. In 2019, Lunar received a banking license and is now one of the few banks with a Nordic banking platform. Lunar currently has over 900,000 private and business customers in the Nordics.


About SAS

SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, with main hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, flies to destinations in Europe, USA and Asia. Spurred by a Scandinavian heritage and sustainability values, SAS aims to be the driving force in sustainable aviation and in the transition toward net zero emissions. We are continuously reducing our carbon emissions through using more sustainable aviation fuel, investing in new fuel-efficient aircraft and technology innovation together with partners – thereby contributing towards the industry target of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. In addition to flight operations, SAS offers ground handling services, technical maintenance and air cargo services.

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