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British Airways Twin Brothers born 30 minutes apart celebrate their 60th birthdays by retiring ..30 seconds Apart. 


Twin brothers have landed their final flights for British Airways just 30 seconds apart after clocking up more than 45,000 flying hours between them.

Jeremy and Nick Hart celebrated their 60th birthdays by touching down at Heathrow Airport for the final time.

Nick flew in from Gothenburg at 12.34pm on Thursday, with Jeremy right behind him, landing from Geneva at 12.35pm.

The two brothers never flew in the same BA crew because they are both captains.


Jeremy started with the airline in 1987 and Nick joined in 2012 when British Midland was taken over.

Left: Jeremy Hart
Right: Nicholas Hart
Taken: 1992
Copyright: Nicholas Hart

British Airways – Retiring Pilots
Left: Nicholas Hart
Right: Jeremy Hart
Taken: 28th September 2017
Picture by: Stuart Bailey

“I’ve done 28 years of short-haul flying. That’s about 11,000 flights. It’s at least 1.2 million passengers,” said Nick.

Although not identical twins, Nick said their similarity had led to the odd tricky situation.

“Years ago Jerry never mentioned to his colleagues at British Airways that he had a twin brother who flew for British Midland, and one day a British Airways pilot strode over to me at Heathrow and asked what on Earth I thought I was doing dressing up in a British Midland uniform.

“It took a bit of explaining to convince him that I wasn’t Jerry!”


Jeremy, from Flitton in Bedfordshire, said he had spent a total of two and a half years flying, and joked: “A lot of it in the holding pattern over Heathrow.”



KLM E190 Engine Incident, 1 Person Dead

An Embraer E190 aircraft from KLM Cityhopper has been involved in a ground incident where a person was ingested into the engine of the aircraft, resulting in a death. The incident was ruled by the Royal Military Police to be a case of suicide. 

This incident occurred on 29th May, when the Embraer E190 aircraft was preparing to depart as KL1341 to Billund in Denmark. Witnesses reported a ‘hellish noise’, followed by smoke coming from the aircraft, according to an article published by Dutch Newspaper De Telegraaf.

The Embraer E190 is a regional aircraft, frequently used by KLM and other airlines on lower density, regional routes. It is powered by two General Electric CF34-10E engines. The aircraft involved in question, PH-EZL, is a 14 year old aircraft. As a result of the incident, KL1341 was delayed by approximately 6 hours as passengers and crew had to be transferred to another aircraft. 

KLM mentioned in a statement that the incident was under investigation, and that they are currently taking care of the passengers and crew who witnessed that incident. 


In a further update from the Royal Military Police, investigations concluded that the ingestion had not been accidental.

The deceased man has been identified as an employee of a company operating at the airport. The investigation has revealed that he intentionally climbed into the engine, indicating this is a case of suicide. Dutch Royal Military Police

We offer our condolences to the family of the deceased.

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