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Why Don’t Airlines Have Parachutes For Passengers? Here Are The Reasons

We always wonder why don’t airline provide Parachute instead of Life Jacket. because there are several reason is in connected. Let’s have a look at. Only 8% of plane accidents with fatalities occur during cruising – an organized exit using parachutes… Continue Reading →

Four myths about air turbulence. How Dangerous Is It?

Turbulence is what nervous fliers worry the foremost after they board Associate in Nursing craft. it’s additionally the foremost common reason for injury to air passengers – within the U.S.A. alone there area unit an calculable fifty eight injuries annually thanks to… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Flight Simulators for iPhone and iPad.

As by the 21st century the latest 3D games are rolled over in all the smartphones in the world and there is a lot of excitement to play such games. As the reason first time Jetline Marvel has made lists of… Continue Reading →

ISRO Prepares for Launch of Indigenous Indian Space Shuttle..!

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is all set to launch first-of-its-kind swadeshi (indigenous) space satellite launch vehicle, (RLV-TD), on May 23, from Sriharikota. The 6.5 meter long re-usable Launch Vehicle – technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD) will weigh about 1.75 tons. The… Continue Reading →

Why Flying is So Expensive..!?

As per a video by Wendover Productions, the expense of flying here in the U.S. isn’t a result of the fuel expected to get to and from a destination, it’s the straightforward certainty of working a plane that blows up… Continue Reading →

Did you know? Why airplane windows are round..!

One of the question you may have been still pondering as you sat through your latest flight is the reason are plane windows constantly round? Is it a configuration decision with respect to the aircrafts? On the other hand is… Continue Reading →

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