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How do they do it .?

Why Flying is So Expensive..!?

As per a video by Wendover Productions, the expense of flying here in the U.S. isn’t a result of the fuel expected to get to and from a destination, it’s the straightforward certainty of working a plane that blows up… Continue Reading →

Did you know? Why airplane windows are round..!

One of the question you may have been still pondering as you sat through your latest flight is the reason are plane windows constantly round? Is it a configuration decision with respect to the aircrafts? On the other hand is… Continue Reading →

Airbus delivers its first aircraft produced in the USA.

The first ever delivery of an aircraft from the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility took place today, April 25th, in Mobile, Alabama. The entire team of employees from the American assembly line gathered to present their very first completed product, an… Continue Reading →

How do they do Aircraft marshaling ..!?

Flying machine marshaling referst to the visual correspondence between ground work force and pilots keeping in mind the end goal to lead an air ship to the right stopping position at an air terminal or aerodrome. Marshaling is essential in… Continue Reading →

5 latest innovative equipments by Airbus.

1. “Lining up” for innovation: A new non-destructive testing tool takes off with the Airbus A350 XWB An easy-to-use testing tool for inspecting the composite airframe of Airbus’ popular A350 XWB jetliner has become a commercial success itself, with key… Continue Reading →

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Virgin Spaceship two..!

1 Only 552 People Have Been To Space. Virgin Galactic Is Opening Space To The Rest Of Us Since the dawn of the space age, only 552 humans have traveled above the Earth’s atmosphere and into space. Throughout five decades… Continue Reading →

How a Pilot evacuated from the cockpit in an extreme emergency..!

We always wonder how a pilot evacuates and manage the situation at extreme emergency. So Jetline Marvel has brought some information so probably will make your doubt get clear. The captain must assess the situation and use good judgment to… Continue Reading →

10 things you must know about Airbus A-380

1. Easy on the Gas It’s big, but not a gas-guzzler. Calculated per passenger, Lufthansa’s A380s get 69 miles per gallon. The airplane holds 81,890 gallons, meaning that more than a third of what the plane weighs on takeoff—560 tons—is… Continue Reading →

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